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The online printing company WirliebenDruck is one of the largest German printers for inexpensive and versatile printed materials, packaging, mailing bags and printed folding boxes. Printed shipping boxes are also one of our specialties! In addition to numerous, well-known existing customers from politics, companies and retail chains in Germany and throughout Europe, the German company serves several hundred printers and resellers who sell WirliebenDruck printed materials in Germany. So it's quite possible that you have already held a product from our product range in your hands.


Print directly from the brand manufacturer and benefit from the best customer service and outstanding print quality. Our production facilities in Germany and Italy enable high-performance, state-of-the-art production of virtually any custom print request, every day.


Every day we start with one big goal: to make our customers' jobs special. By giving our best every day, being inspired by you, and being there for you when it matters.


Why do we love print? Because print is more to us than just "ink on paper". It's the love of color that expresses your idea. The attention to detail that makes the most of every pixel. The love of materials that drives your vision forward. The love of craft that shapes through passion. And the love of creativity that turns your commission into true art.


It is love that makes our profession a vocation. 



Our production sites:


We offer you the best possible transparency. Our PixPress Medienschaft printing plants are located in Germany, Italy and Poland. Each location has specialized in a specific product category for decades, and for this reason provides you with top products at favorable online prices.


Our specialties:


We are particularly specialized in the cost-effective and standardized production of


  • Printed packaging (boxes, shipping boxes, gift boxes, folding boxes)
  • Cardboard displays (table displays, floor displays, POS displays, shelves)
  • Exclusive services (assemblies, sorting, graphic design)



The print park network is huge and covers more than 18,000 square meters. Various printing presses and and over 5,600 contributors, as well as permanent contractors, ensure a smooth process and a good result every day - for you! With more than 15 years of experience, in the printing, film and lettering industry, as well as in processing, finishing and graphic design, every single employee fights 6 days a week and even at night to make you love our print media.


Whether you are an agency, graphic designer, designer, self-employed, freelancer or event organizer, in our online print shop WirliebenDruck we print for you ten invitation cards, but also a thousand flyers or 200,000 brochures in high quality offset printing and unique packaging printing at current and low prices. To make the design of your print product as easy as possible, we offer as an online print shop comprehensive assistance and professional templates.