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Elliptical display (oval display) You can design this product online for free


Table stand

Table stand

Display print

Display print

Printed ellipse displayLOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE

Printed ellipse display
Net: 1.34 ‚ā¨
Gross: 1.6 ‚ā¨
Shipping costs included

Ellipse displays and column displays online printing


Print shapely, curved table displays in ellipse shape online. Thanks to the internal tab, the counter displays, which are initially delivered flat, are curved up in just a few seconds (see sample template).


Set dimensions (external dimensions)HELP

Here you specify the dimensions of your print product.


Material HELP

Here you select your desired material from available materials. You can find more information about the different types of materials here .

You have not found the right material? Ask for an individual offer. 

Choose quantity HELP

Please select your desired print run per design here. If you see a pen next to the print run, you can now also enter your own desired quantities exactly.

Print option HELP

Here you can choose whether the selected number of pieces should be printed with only one motif, or you want to realize several motifs with this order. As an example: you select 1000 pieces, and click on multiple motifs. Put the product into the shopping cart. If you then upload 4 different print designs, we divide the order quantity by the number of designs. In this example you will receive 4x 250 pieces.


Print options HELP

Brand new: from now on you can have several designs printed per print run, and determine the quantity of designs yourself. Per additional design we add costs for the motif change. You can print up to 10 different designs per print run selected above.


Here you choose the finishing of your packaging cardboard. In the example you see black printed cardboard to show the effect more clearly. The packaging cardboard is of course white from the ground up.


Dispersion coating Matt: Standard coating that protects the printing inks and the surface.

Matte film: warm colors with a noble feel and matte appearance, very little reflection

Glossy film: high-contrast and bright colors with shiny effect and strong reflection

Softtouch film: very warm, deep colors with a soft surface feel

Hot foil stamping (max. 15x10 cm)HELP

Hot foil stamping folding box printingA black cardboard is shown in the pictures to make the effect clearer. The base color of the SBS cardboard is naturally white, the base color of the Phoenograse cardboard is natural brown. Hot foil stamping is a very special finishing option. It can be used to emboss ornaments or individual lettering with a single-color foil. The shimmering glossy foil can be applied to a maximum area of 15x10 cm.

For Phoenograse cardboard, we recommend foil stamping in white, so white lettering can also be realized on the brown cardboard.

Partial UV coating (NEW)HELP

3D UV varnish folding boxFrom now on you can also order a partial UV varnish from us. In this case, individual elements of your design are provided with a transparent, glossy and tactile varnish.


This can be felt. If a protective laminate is selected, this is applied over it. A partial UV coating is only possible on the outer sides. Please note the specifications in our printing instructions.


Printing inksHELP

Here you select whether your print product is to be printed on one side or both sides. For classic print products, 4/0 colored means that the reverse side remains white. 4/4 colored, on the other hand, means that your print product can be printed on both sides.


For packaging, printing is standard on all outer surfaces (whether photos, gradients, logos, colored backgrounds, etc.). 4/4 color for packaging means that the inside of the boxes are also printed, i.e. the inside surfaces.


4/4 color printed- 4/0 colored: one-sided, full-surface printing

- 4/4 color: double-sided, full-surface printing

- 5/0 color: one-sided, full-area print plus one Pantone special color 

- 5/4 color: double-sided, full-surface printing plus one Pantone special color 




Laser or punching?HELP

Up to 2,000 pieces, we can cut the packaging using the cheaper laser cutting method. We give you the opportunity to decide for yourself which method we should use.


Laser cut = up to 2,000 pieces. The packaging is cut from the cardboard sheet using a laser. Very slight, yellowish cut edges may appear on the reverse.

Punching = From 2,000 pieces. The packaging is punched out of the cardboard sheet with a real punching tool with sharp knives.


Our tip: the slightly yellowish laser cut on the back of the following products is not visible after assembly: drawer packaging, telescope packaging, countercards, mailing bags.

Scheduled shipping date HELP

We offer here different selectable production times. Please add about 2 business days shipping time for Germany & Austria to this date. The completion dates indicated here as expected refer to the incoming order, print data as well as receipt of payment before 12:00 o'clock on today's working day. We recommend for urgent orders always add another day.

The current price is displayed in the box on the right.

  Instruction Sample Template


Brand new: Print ellipse displays and tabletop displays!


The ellipse display from WirLiebenDruck

These beautifully curved oval displays are delivered completely flat. All that is required to set them up is to unfold the inside flap so that the display automatically takes on the oval curvature. As always, all prices shown here are inclusive of printing, die-cutting, incidentals, etc.

Choose from numerous formats and optionally provide your table displays with a foil lamination.


  • 360g SBS carton
  • HD+ print quality
  • Printed, trimmed, punched, glued delivered lying!
  • Short processing time!
  • Cardboard is FSC certified
  • Optimal also for gastronomy


Print oval display

Print oval display

Oval displays printed

Oval displays printed

Ellipse display

Ellipse display

Oval displays

Oval displays

Oval display

Oval display

Cardboard display

Cardboard display

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