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Folding carton printing company for major customers

Do you sell nutritional supplements on a large scale, are you a contract filler or do you regularly need different packaging for your cosmetic products? Then our premium service for major customers is just right for you!

Here are some of the advantages we offer you:

  • Up to 70% cheaper offers compared to online prices for bulk orders
  • Personal, fixed contact person by e-mail, telephone and WhatsApp
  • Flexible delivery distribution and dispatch to your various contract fillers and manufacturers throughout Europe
  • Own delivery instructions, such as own delivery bills or delivery in own truck with driver instructions


How can I become a major customer with you?

In order to receive special prices and conditions, you should process all your folding carton requirements through us and place regular (weekly or monthly) bulk orders. If we are only talking about a few items or irregular order quantities, you can calculate the prices online using the configurator. In this case, you should then benefit from our savings opportunities for end customers.


How do I ask for a quote?

Send your request to and please list them in as much detail as possible. For an optimal and quick calculation, we need information about the respective items, the folding box dimensions, quantity, finishing, etc. We have created an example here of what an inquiry by email might look like:


Dear WirliebenDruck Team, we hereby request the following items:

Folding cartons:

10,000 x slot-in bottom, magnesium, 6.7x6.7x14.8 cm, 350g SBS, 4/0 color printed
15,000 x automatic bottom, vitamin C, 8x8x15 cm, 350g SBS, 4/0 color + 1x Pantone Black
7.250 x box with Euro hole, vitamin D3, 6x6x17.2 cm, 420g SBS, 4/0 colored, glossy foil lamination

Printing time: 4 working days

Stickers on roll:

10,000 x magnesium, 4.5x5 cm, PVC white with protective varnish
15.000 Vitamin C, 4.5x7 cm, PVC transparent with protective varnish
7,250 x Vitamin D3, 3.5x10 cm, uncoated paper

Supplied on a roll for machine processing, rotated 0°.

Delivery to: MeinAfüller GmbH, Musterstraße 12; 12345 Musterstadt


This is how a well-listed request by e-mail could be structured. If you also send the appropriate print designs as a PDF including a die-cutter, this is helpful, but not necessary for an initial cost calculation.


How can I save even more money?


01. total quantity

In principle, a high total quantity applies for a low unit price. This means that the more folding boxes you order at once, the cheaper it will be. So if you have the opportunity to collect requests, this will achieve the best unit price. So: order a large total quantity once a month rather than smaller orders every week.

02. positions

Each additional item, i.e. another print design or another dimension, is associated with set-up costs. Therefore, the higher the total quantity and the fewer the individual items, the better. For example, if you need 100,000 folding boxes, but the request is divided into 20 different designs and sizes, this will be more expensive than if you order 100,000 folding boxes with only two items of 50,000 pieces

03. printing time

Urgent orders are more expensive than orders that are not needed so quickly. We offer three printing times: 4, 8 or 12 working days, plus shipping. Please write in your request which printing time you require. Of course, we can also produce in 1-2 working days on request. Just let us know. 12 working days production time is of course the cheapest.

04. laser cut or punch

For quantities of up to 2,000 units per item, we can also cut folding boxes by laser, eliminating the die-cutting costs. This option is significantly cheaper, but also leaves slight, yellowish cut edges on the inside of the packaging. If you want to save money, you should definitely include this in your inquiry.

05. materials, finishes, etc.

Of course, it is clear that finishing costs more money. So think carefully about whether you need foil lamination on your folding cartons, whether internal printing is really necessary or whether you actually need Pantone colors in the print, because all these additional work steps cost money.

The cheapest material is our SBS cardboard with a thickness of 350g/m² without further finishing. It is very stable and bright white.