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Beverage cup (double-walled & single-walled)

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Beverage cup with own all around print


Our printable paper cups are available in three different sizes: 240 ml, 350 ml and 450 ml. All sizes are made of single-walled or double-walled cardboard so that you can fill both cold drinks and hot drinks.



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Cups & paper cups with print

The double-walled beverage cups with your desired imprint are printed all around with your motif and are available from 1,000 pieces and from 10 working days (express on request).

  • double wall cardboard drinking cup
  • high-quality, individual AllOver print, 4-color
  • food safe color, tasteless and odorless
  • already available from 1.000 pieces
  • ideal for serving very hot drinks
  • Delivery within 15 working days


Perfect for:

  • Trade fairs
  • Cinemas
  • Snack areas
  • Gastronomy


Your logo on coffee mug or drinking cup? A great idea for hotels, restaurants, snack bars and bakeries. But also for companies and organizers. We make it possible! Completely printable over the entire surface, not only individual logos but the whole cup offers space for your ideas and advertising.


  • printable 4/0 color all around
  • Filling quantity 240 ml, 350 ml, 450 ml
  • Filling temperature of max. 80°C
  • food safe, odorless and tasteless
  • Note: please do not fill with alcohol or isotonic drinks.
  • The lowest price on the net


High-quality, individually printed drinks cups in 240, 350, 450 ml

Are you looking for a creative way to showcase your brand while meeting the needs of your customers? Our custom printed beverage cups are the ideal solution. Whether you are a cafe, restaurant, bakery or event planner, these cups are an invaluable promotional tool to spread your message.


Why our beverage cups?

  1. Customization: Each mug can be customized according to your needs. Add your logo, slogan, designs or colors to make sure your mug fits your business.

  2. Various sizes: We offer cups in 240 ml, 350 ml and 450 ml sizes. This allows you to choose the right size for your beverage selection and ensure that your customers are satisfied.

  3. Environmentally friendly: Our cups are made from environmentally friendly material and can be recycled. We are proud to offer sustainable options that help reduce single-use plastic.

  4. High print quality: Our advanced printing techniques ensure crisp, colorful designs that perfectly represent your brand.

  5. Versatile: Our cups are suitable for hot and cold drinks. They are perfect for coffee, tea, lemonade, smoothies and much more.


How can you order?

Ordering your own custom printed drink cups has never been easier:

  1. Contact us: Talk to our team to discuss your ideas and requirements.

  2. Customize design: Our experts will help you create a stunning design that makes your business stand out.

  3. Printing and Delivery: After you are satisfied with the design, we will do the rest. Your mugs will be delivered on time.

Invest in high-quality custom printed beverage cups and increase your brand's visibility. Contact us today and start your custom cup project!


All our paper cups are manufactured in accordance with European Union production standards and comply with EU directives on food packaging. Our exclusive partnership with highly qualified manufacturers is characterized by important certificates:

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) - quality management in accordance with the provisions of Good Manufacturing Practice

Quality management that complies with GMP standards must constantly ensure that food processors produce products that are safe for the consumer. Effective management, monitoring, measures and documentation are required to demonstrate to the competent authorities that procedures, processes and facilities ensure food safety and comply with legal requirements.

Quality System Certification - ISO 9001:2015

The ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard is the most widely used and most important standard in quality management both nationally and internationally. It defines the minimum requirements for quality management that companies must implement in order to meet customer requirements and other requirements for product and service quality.

Management System Certification - ISO 9001, ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001:2015 is the globally accepted standard for environmental management systems. It specifies requirements that an organization can use to improve its environmental performance, meet legal and other obligations and achieve environmental goals.

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)

FSC is an international certification system for sustainable forest management. It guarantees that wood and paper products with the FSC seal come from responsibly managed forests. Our biodegradable paper cups with a matt surface are all FSC-certified. Only our BIO double-walled paper cups with a glossy surface cannot be made from FSC-certified paper.

Packaging Safety Management System Certified - UNI EN 15593:2008

The standard specifies the requirements for the hygiene management system of food packaging manufacturers and their suppliers, including warehousing and transportation. Effective communication along the food packaging chain is essential to ensure that all relevant hygiene deficiencies in the packaging are identified and properly controlled.


Printing time (plus shipping)12, 8 or 4 working days
Print typeOffset printing, full surface printable according to your requirements
Filling quantityS = approx. 360ml, M = approx. 950ml, XL = approx. 2400ml, XXL = approx. 3000ml
QuantityFrom 100 pieces (minimum quantity)
Shipping with




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