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Pure joy at every match - with individual fan fans!

In the arena: the game is drawing to a close, the tension is rising, one last shot on goal - and the crowd explodes with enthusiasm. Cheering together is probably one of the most beautiful rituals of mankind.

It gets even more exciting with the use of fan claps. These handy cardboard fans made of robust material turn every applause into a real firework of enthusiasm. They are particularly popular at large events such as sporting events or rallies: instead of clapping their hands sore, the audience can generate much stronger applause with the fan claps - and with much less effort. You can also have signs printed at WirliebenDruck to show your enthusiasm and support.


Express your enthusiasm with fan clapping!

The fan clapper works simply: the printed cardboard sheet with several pre-folded lines can be folded into a sturdy fan in no time at all. If you then bang it hard on the palm of your hand, the rapid collision of the cardboard layers creates a loud, whipping sound.

But that's not all: when unfolded and waved in the air, the fan becomes the ideal carrier of messages such as cheers, fan announcements or slogans. It can also serve as a memento of a special event, for example by carrying team photos and autographs. On hot days, the fan can simply be used like a printed fan.

So it's no wonder that fan claps are often used as promotional items and giveaways to spread advertising messages effectively and entertainingly. A tip: Combine the purchase of your fan claps with other promotional items, such as printed sweets. We have a variety of treats to choose from, such as our popular gummy bears.


Design your fan claps according to your wishes - we'll take care of the printing!

At WirliebenDruck, you can have the practical fan claps printed with your own design. They are perfect as promotional gifts for fans and guests at your event, as sporting merchandise or as advertising space for sponsors - similar to our customizable sponsor flyers.

Our high-quality fan flaps with 8 groove lines are available in the dimensions 45 cm x 32 cm, printed on one or both sides. They are made of 350 g/m² cardboard. Depending on requirements, they can be provided with a matt or glossy film lamination or UV coating on both sides to protect the printed image from external influences and make the fan flaps more durable overall.

Simply select the paper that best suits your fan claps! You can upload the appropriate print data during the ordering process.

Fan claps that will delight every fan - order quickly and cheaply online at WirliebenDruck!

At WirliebenDruck you can get the popular fan claps with your own design or logo at an affordable price! Our range includes both small and large print runs.