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Online printing with sustainability

We love printing with a green footprint


Since we started in 2012, we have invested tirelessly in developing and improving our environmental footprint. These efforts are an integral part of our corporate philosophy and are reflected in a variety of measures that drive our sustainability goals forward.

One outstanding feature of our efforts is the transformation of our packaging methods. We consistently use adhesive paper from sustainable forestry that is produced with biodegradable glue. Our outer packaging is made from recycled paper, helping to reduce our environmental footprint. By using recycled material for inlay and wrapping paper, we are taking a further step towards resource-conserving production.

 Sustainable printing

Sustainable folding boxes made to measure

If you want to pack in an environmentally conscious way, you should choose our folding boxes . Even the cheapest and best-selling material, our Symbol Card SBS cardboard, is 100% recyclable. You can find everything in the data sheet here.


Sustainable partnerships

An important partnership for us is our shipping service providers GLS, DHL and TNT, who support us in reducing our emissions. Thanks to their emissions offsetting programs, we can continuously improve our carbon footprint and further minimize our ecological footprint.


Printing unit with 100% solar energy

Our production plant in Italy is a shining example of our renewable energy efforts. Since 2019, 150 solar panels on our factory premises have covered an impressive 80-90% of our energy needs. This investment in clean energy not only helps to reduce our environmental impact, but also serves as a role model for other companies in our industry.

Another important step on our path to sustainability is the conversion of our vehicle fleet to electric vehicles. We are aiming to convert our entire fleet to electric drives by 2026. However, we attach particular importance to ensuring that 100% of the energy required to operate these vehicles comes from renewable and our own sources. Through this measure, we want to ensure that our efforts to protect the environment and sustainability are holistic and make a positive contribution to preserving our environment.