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WirliebenDruck - The online print shop with tradition

The name "WirliebenDruck" has stood for professional print products and services since 2010 and has established itself as a leading provider among online print shops. As an internationally active print shop and graphics agency, we offer our customers printing and graphics services of the highest quality. In addition to a high sense of ambition and maximum flexibility, we are characterized by reliability and unique products. We see our customers as partners, to whom we provide advice and support in the context of their end-customer communications and day-to-day issues. We correspond in the background as a reliable and safe partner in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Denmark and Greece.


When founder Jan Simmerling completed his training as a design assistant at the Lüttfeld vocational college in tranquil North Rhine-Westphalia in 2010, there were only a few online print stores that offered print products for self-ordering. He quickly noticed how print jobs were simply "printed through" without even looking at the data supplied by the customer. In the context of some of the print products he needed, he quickly asked himself:

Where is the service? Why doesn't anyone look at the orders? Why do I always end up in the call center?

Less than inspiring situation

His small but revealing research then ended in endless complaint forms, which put him under a lot of pressure. Jan Simmerling didn't want to have print or "do print" - he loved everything to do with creativity, graphic design and printing inks - and wanted to do it better than German online print shops. He wanted to support every customer in their projects.

The foundation of WirliebenDruck

In 2012, he therefore founded an online print shop himself, whose philosophy is reflected in its name: WirliebenDruck. However, the initial steps were difficult - especially finding German, competent partners who were also interested in working with him. The online print shops already known at the time offered little - around 5% commission or a personal contact person.

Thanks to these hurdles, he became creative and relatively quickly stopped focusing on German print shops - but on the whole of Europe. After numerous exclusive partnerships that continue to this day, he bought a packaging production facility in Italy and a production plant for large and small formats in Poland.

"I quickly noticed that there was much more interest in cooperation with Germany as a business power and that the creativity of partners in European countries was much higher - and I sensed that folding cartons and customized packaging would become increasingly important in the coming years."

This was at a time when there were no private label sellers selling food supplements or cosmetics on Amazon, only books and technology.

Packaging printing house

From door handle cleaner to role model

With his own team of developers, Jan Simmerling was the first entrepreneur in Germany to develop a packaging configurator with which every customer could order customized packaging online and at low cost - from small quantities and in any format. The founder also developed technical gadgets such as an online designer with a 3D preview of the printed product based on his many years of experience in the graphics sector.

After just a few years, WirliebenDruck transformed itself from a "jack of all trades" to a "pioneer" in the packaging sector, and now produces for German online print shops and their millions of customers. After a very short time, many larger printing houses copied WirliebenDruck's online solutions - but to this day they are inferior.

The 28-strong team at WirliebenDruck has always remained true to its love of printing - and offers personal and reliable customer service that is second to none.

We are not designed for mass production!

Simmerling tried this several times between 2015 and 2018. Business cards for 6 euros, free flyers or a photo mug for 8 euros: "That didn't work. I quickly realized that the sole focus on growth and mass processing was turning my company into everyone we had initially failed with: impersonal companies without service, quality and attention. Quality simply has its price - and our customers appreciate that," says the entrepreneur.

Print shop

Jan Simmerling is involved everywhere

Jan Simmerling is still actively involved in the entire design of the online store, including all self-implemented solutions for his customers, the complete production of the image film including text, music, camera and editing, new product ideas and even customer service. "We have remained medium-sized and will remain so compared to the five largest print shops in Germany - but we still have the highest quality standards and basket value to this day. If you believe in your vision, see hurdles as a task and are prepared to take a risk, and do everything you start with love - you will be rewarded in the end. "

Jan Simmerling

An important step followed in 2020

In 2020, the company and its founders moved to Cyprus. The change of name brought further growth to the company, which was already international from the outset.


What will follow?

At the moment, the WirliebenDruck team is fully focused on enabling so-called "sub-printshops": "Unlike the online print shops at the time, which turned me away or put me off with uneconomical discounts, we will offer a solution to operate our and our own print products cost-effectively and easily with our own white label store. Our customers and print shops will soon be able to benefit from our solutions and our online store. The whole thing will be made available to the public in 2024"


Jan Simmerling