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Our materials

On this page we explain the properties of our used materials

  • Phoenograss


    This exclusive paper from Scheufelen consists of a combination of virgin fibers with a grass content of up to 50% and the bright white phoenolux board. The grammage is 390g/m² and is ideal for packaging and folding boxes that need to fulfill a certain natural touch.


    Available in: 390g/m²

    Finish: hot foil stamping, blind embossing

    NO cellophaning (foil lamination) possible. If white areas or fonts are required, we recommend selecting hot foil stamping white in the configurator. This way you will receive embossed elements in the color white, which will be applied to the brown cardboard.


    More info & pictures about the paper

  • Symbol Card (SBS)


    The SBS board is a Symbol Card from the Italian luxury paper manufacturer Fedrigoni. It impresses with a very high whiteness, a high bending stiffness and is FSC-certified and food-safe. The Symbolcard cardboard has a grammage of 360g/m² and is used exclusively for packaging and folders. The inside of the material is rough, the outside is smooth coated.

    Available in: 360g/m²

    Finish: Glossy painted

    More about the paper

  • SBS Natural Touch


    We achieve the natural touch by simply turning our Symbol Card cardstock inside out and printing your designs on the rough inside of the cardstock. The whiteness is identical, but it makes your packaging look more natural.


    Available in: 360g/m²

    Finish: rough surface

    More about the paper

  • Picture printing paper

    picture printing paper_1x1.jpg

    The image printing paper is available in different grammages from 90g/m² to 350g/m² and is mainly used for flyers, business cards and tags. It is extremely inexpensive. This material is available with a matte or glossy protective coating (picture printing matte or glossy), and the difference is quite small.

    Available in: 90g/m², 100g/m², 130g/m², 170g/m², 250g/m², 300g/m², 350g/m²

    Finish: Matt or glossy lacquered

  • Offset white

    picture printing paper_1x1[1].jpg

    An offset paper is wood-free and uncoated on the surface and is ideal for stationery and notepads, as the material can absorb just about any ink or even writing notes. The colorfulness of the imprint does not appear as intense as coated papers, as the ink is absorbed by the paper. Our tip: always apply motifs a little lighter than usual.

    Available in: 80g/m², 90g/m², 120g/m²

    Finish: no finish possible

  • Recycled paper

    recycling carton_1x1.jpg

    This environmentally friendly, exclusive paper is made from 100% recycled fibers. It is suitable for flyers, letterheads, folders, but also business cards and tags. It gives special expression to your presentations, letterheads, business cards and invitations.

    Available in: 300g/m²

    Finish: no finish possible

  • Fortuna Deluxe (Tintoretto Gesso)


    Fortuna Deluxe is what we call Fedrigoni's Tintoretto Gesso, a paper with an orange peel-like surface. Particularly suitable for business communication, book bindings and noble editions as well as high-quality folding boxes.

    Available in: 300g/m²

    Finish: No finish


  • Waterline (Stucco Acquerello)


    Classic paper from FEDRIGONI, striped on both sides (the surface is crisscrossed with fine lines). It guarantees a sharp print result of images with bright colors. Suitable for a wide range of purposes and especially for elegant and high quality prints. Note that the gradient of the lines of the paper cannot be selected. Therefore, printing could be done with horizontally or vertically aligned lines. Also suitable for packaging with imprint.

    Available in: 120g/m², 300g/m²

    Finish: No finish


  • AllNatura


    AllNatura paper is a yellowish eco paper with clearly visible fibers. The smooth surface has small irregularities such as grains and fibers and gives style, character and originality to all your printing projects. The colors look very wam and pleasant. Perfect for TAGS, menus or flyers with ecological character.


    Available in: 110g/m², 170g/m², 260g/m²

    Finish: no finish possible

  • VelvetWhite


    High quality uncoated paper with a smooth and velvety surface and a very high whiteness. The very accurate printing result makes it suitable for a wide range of purposes: personalized images, brochures, leaflets and fine catalogs. Extremely beautiful, velvety feel



    Available in: 100g/m², 160g/m², 300g/m²

    Finish: Painted surface